Providing Top Quality Loss Prevention Training & Consulting Services

Q.  Is there a minimum age requirement or background check needed to be in the loss prevention field?

A.  Usually employers require you to be at least 18 years old and you may or may not be required to complete a background check.  

Q.  How will your certification benefit me?

A.  By increasing your knowledge level prior to entering the loss prevention field, it will help you understand the skills and knowledge needed so you can be successful.  You also show potential employers your dedication to learn the business when you may lack that experience and training.

Q.  What types of positions are there in loss prevention?

A.  Positions range from entry level Loss Prevention Agent, LP Manager, District LP Manager, Regional LP Manager, LP Investigator, Regional Investigator, Supply Chain LP Manager, Divisional LP Manager, LP Director and Vice President of LP. 

Q.  Is a Loss Prevention Agent same as a Security Guard?

A.  No.  A security guard typically is in a uniform type roll and is responsible to observe and report any issues, they are also required to maintain a Guard Card (state specific) prior to working and you usually are responsible for the cost.  Guard Cards are not required when working as a loss prevention agent for a retailer, but maybe required if your employer is contracted by a retailer.  A loss prevention agent typically works undercover within an establishment. Loss Prevention Agents also investigate employee theft, conduct operational and safety compliance audits.
Q.  What types of companies have Loss Prevention personnel?

A.  Loss Prevention Departments are typically found in the retail environment, but may also be found in other industries. 

Q.  Do you provide any type of job placement assistance? 

A.  We do not provide direct job placement. Part of our course covers finding job leads and resume building. Every person who attends our course will get all the information and support needed to start their career in Loss Prevention. We are also available to you after the course for further assistance in your career search. 

Q.  Will I receive a certificate at the completion of the course?

A.  Yes.  At the completion of passing the written test you will receive a certificate identifying you as successfully passing our course.
Q.  What is your refund Policy?

A.  See our refund policy page for all the details.